Ego Hersonissos Crete Fur Store

Fur Store in Crete

Quality material and craftsmanship are hard to find, visit the Ego owned store in the heart of Hersonissos to save time and money.

There is a lot of fur in Crete, many stores that try and catch your attention, but this Ego Brand store is company owned, no middle man. This gives our customers the advantage of buying from the brand itself and getting the best deal in all of Crete. Greece makes the best furs in the world and when vacationing in Greece, it is a great opportunity to buy a fur garment from the source. Ego owned store means you are buying direct from the brand!

Make your vacation worthwhile and buy the best fur at the best possible price!

You can view our great selection of Black NAFA mink coats, stylish fur jackets and many more items; including sable, fox & Swakara. Take advantage of the opportunity to buy a Greek made fur at unbeatable prices.

Also enjoy shopping at our store tax-free. No hassle return of VAT, just show a special document at the airport and you avoid paying all 34% of local taxes that should be applied to luxurious furs. For more details you could ask our sales representatives in-store.

Visit our store now!

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