2018 Photo Shoot

2018 Fall Collection Campaign photo shoot included creations predominantly intarsia mink with minor details in fox, wool and cashmere.  

Ego Campaign Shoot 2017

2017 Fall Collection Campaign photo shoot included creations made with mink, fox, Swakara & Karakul. Featuring bright colors and high quality craftsmanship like no other.

Ego Corfu Fur Store

During your vacation in Greece this summer don’t miss the opportunity to buy the best in fur. The luxurious fur store in Corfu offers a vast selection of excellent quality furs at unbeatable prices. We are located in Alykes Potamou and easily visible at the main intersection

Ego Rhodes Fur Store

During your vacation in Greece this summer don’t miss the opportunity to buy the best in fur. Ego owned fur store in Rhodes offers a vast selection of excellent quality furs at unbeatable prices. You can find the huge store on the main road between Rhodes &

Campaign Shoot on the Golf Course

This year Ego is going to the golf course.

Campaign Shoot at the Airport

This year Ego has gone all out, doing several photo shoots of this years amazing collection. Featuring all kinds of furs in many different styles and combinations.

Campaign Shoot at the Pool

Take a look at our insanely successful campaign shoot by the pool.

Ego Hersonissos Crete Fur Store

Quality material and craftsmanship are hard to find, visit the Ego owned store in the heart of Hersonissos to save time and money. There is a lot of fur in Crete, many stores that try and catch your attention, but this Ego Brand store is company owned,

Summer Fur Stores in Crete – Shop Ego Furs in Crete

Summer Fur Stores in Crete In the recent past visitors of Crete have enjoyed the excellent chance to buy Greek fur products. Ego is the proud owner of three stores in Crete, offering visitors a chance to enjoy the Luxury of Being Ego.   The beautiful island


Take a look at our fur store in Corfu.

Hong Kong Fur Fair

We are pleased to announce that in 2016 we will be exhibiting at the Hong Kong International Fur & Fashion Fair. This is the largest fur exhibition in the world and will be taking place from February 25 to 28 and the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition

Aeroflot Style Magazine

We are pleased to share with you the Ego garment featured on the conver of Aeroflot Style Magazine November Issue. The mink jacket featured is part of our Capsule Collection 2015. It was made using Black NAFA and NAFA Mink dyed Green. For purchase inquiries feel free

NAFA Journeys Featuring Ego Furs

“The only impossible journey is the one you never begin”. Anthony Robbins  Ego furs stole the show during NAFA’s gala in Astana, Kazakhstan at Hotel Rixos President Astana. Demand for high quality furs in Kazakhstan has been growing. In October NAFA presented NAFA Journeys, a show at the luxurious

Buying a European Fur Product

There are some things all purchasers of fur garments should consider: Fur Origin Is what I am buying ethically produced?  Fur pelts are produced mainly in Europe and the United States. In these regions, strict standards and practices are implemented for the animal welfare. Processing Was the

Ego is an Origin Assured Manufacturer and Wholesaler

EGO produces luxury fur garments with integrity and our label confirms excellent craftsmanship and top quality material. Unfortunately counterfeit labels are used on poor quality garments to fool our loyal clients. To protect your purchase, we have installed security features to our garments. Ego is an Origin

Juliet is waiting for Romeo

“I wish the sun would hurry up and set and night would come immediately. When the night comes and everyone goes to sleep, Romeo will leap into my arms, and no one will know.” ~ ‪‎Shakespeare‬   Sheared velvet mink coat with oversized collar, embellished with Swarovski

NAFA Top Lot Black Females

Just purchased the Black NAFA Top Lot of Females. Produced by Patrick Fur Farm.

Fur Auctions

The process of creating luxurious fur garments starts with selecting the most suitable material. As a manufacturer of fur garments it is in our best interest to purchase raw materials from large auction companies. What is an auction company? Fur auction companies are essentially the middleman between

Greek Fur

Recently we subscribed to the Greek Fur Institute’s service to help promote Greek fur. Ego is proud to produce all garments in Kastoria, Greece and are willing to label our products as such. Manufacturing fur garments is a craft few people in the world can do well.