Mink Fur Coat

Mink Fur

A mink fur coat is the classic image of fur. Technology has helped mink fur become a material available globally. The famous sources for good quality material are North American and Scandinavia.

Modern dressing technologies have extended the range of colors we can present with mink and this can be displayed in the annual EGO Women’s Fur Collection. From deep blue to ferrari red, natural bright white to deep black. Our exceptional quality and range of colors is unmatched.

All mink used is handled humanely and is sustainably sourced.

Swakara Jacket

Swakara Fur

Swakara fur is unique, lightweight and silky. It has become a major part of our collection. Swakara is a brand name for lamb skins from arrid regions of Namibia.

Kopenhagen Fur is the best source for swakara. Always swakara suppliers are Origin Assured.

Sable Coat

Sable Fur

Sable fur is the most luxurious type of fur in the world. Sable can be found in Canada and Russia. The best selection can be found in St. Petersberg at the Sojuzpushnina Auction House.

Sable fur is wild, therefore the difficulty in making a garment out of sable is much greater.

Sable has always been a part of the Ego Fur Collection.

Ego Quality

Mink qualities have many different names. Similar products from various suppliers all with different labels. After many years of experience in buying mink from the the best suppliers Ego has taken a step forward to simplify the meaning of quality for our customers.

Selected Mink by Ego

This category of mink selected by Ego consists of various mink colors, both natural and dyed. The material used comes from Scandinavia and North America. This mink quality is that it consists of a full under-wool with visible top-hair.
The Origin Assured label also insures that the materials used were sourced from suppliers who follow strict guidelines for the humane treatment of animals.

Black Velvet Selected by Ego

Black Velvet is a special category for Black Mink. These skins have a nice thick under-wool and only slightly covered with top-hair, giving it a velvety feel. The origins of this material is either from North America of Scandinavia.
The Origin Assured label also insures that the materials used were sourced from suppliers who follow strict guidelines for the humane treatment of animals.

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Ego Group Responsibility
Ego Group believes in responsibility and supports the efforts of the IFTF and the continued high standards of care and welfare for fur animals. The IFTF promotes strict codes of practice that meet or exceed established and accepted standards for animal welfare, for wild and farmed fur.The fur trade does not trade in endangered species. The legitimate fur trade is a responsible industry. For more industry information you could visit We Are Fur the official page of the International Fur Federation.

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Ego is an Origin Assured Manufacturer and Wholesaler.
The Origin Assured programme is a demonstration of the fur industry’s commitment to these same principles.
Possibly the single most important initiative, ever to emerge from the fur industry, the programme gives assurance that the fur in a garment or fur product that bears an OA™ mark, originates from a country where national or local regulations or standards governing fur production are in force.


For more information you could visit the Origin Assured webpage.