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 Ego furs stole the show during NAFA’s gala in Astana, Kazakhstan at Hotel Rixos President Astana.

Demand for high quality furs in Kazakhstan has been growing. In October NAFA presented NAFA Journeys, a show at the luxurious Hotel Rixos President Astana. The cocktail reception was buzzing with people eager to see the show with many producers. The Ego garments left such an impression that after the show attendees scrambled to find out where they could buy these garments!

Ego Furs presence in Kazakhstan has never been stronger. Official vendor of Ego Furs, Europa Karaganda is the only place you could find real Ego garments. Ego produces excellent quality furs and many frauds try to capitalize on this reputation. Please make sure the next time you want to buy an Ego fur, it is authentic. The only location we could guarantee authenticity in Kazakhstan is Europa Furs in Karaganda.

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Accepting the Top Lot Award on Behalf of Ego at the event was Official Ego Vendor Europa Furs Karaganda.

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This is silver fox jacket with diamond shaped inserts of purple mink borders and filled with green mink

sheared mink, black nafa, mink, fur jacket

This garment was featured in NAFA’s photoshoot campaign for Fall/Winter 2015/2016 and is made from Black NAFA mink with a sheared bottom featuring a plaid pattern.