There are some things all purchasers of fur garments should consider:

Fur Origin

Is what I am buying ethically produced? 

Fur pelts are produced mainly in Europe and the United States. In these regions, strict standards and practices are implemented for the animal welfare.


Was the processing of the fur safe?

In order to make the fur material mendable and wearable it must be processed in a tannery. The key question when buying fur that was originated in Europe or the United States was where this material was processed? In the tanneries of Europe and the United States, there are strict rules and regulations on the chemicals you could use to soften the material. In other countries where the rules and implementation are lax, cheaper chemicals are used which could do harm when in contact with human skin. Make sure to ask during your next purchase where was this fur material processed.


Where was this garment manufactured and why is it important?

All fur garments are handmade with skilled craftsmen working hard to produce the most perfect garment. These skilled workers must be paid a fair wage. In Europe and the United States workers’ rights are respected. Elsewhere, there has been many citations of disrespect for people’s humanity only to manufacture garments at a cheaper cost. When buying a luxury item, something to consider is that the people who handled this garment before you are respected and appreciated.