The luxury of fur

Fur is the most luxurious fabric in the world and only skilled craftsmen can make a wearable product worth showcasing. Luxury should be something of great comfort and comes at great expense, fur is comfortable and fur is expensive. Ego is a brand of clothing that combines the luxury of fur with comfort and fashion.


The luxury of geing Ego

Ego specializes in women’s fur outerwear. Fur is timeless & fur is fashion. Every annual fall winter collection contains a remarkable amount of new products. Trendy colors, new silhouettes, innovative new techniques and fabric combinations are always included. The materials used most are mink, russian sable, swakara, silver fox, cat lynx, wool & other fabrics.


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Ego main offices and production are in Kastoria, Greece, the only remaining European fur manufacturing center. Kastoria has mink farms, processing factories and manufacturers. There is no other location like Kastoria in the world of fur. And if you want to buy a quality fur garment look for something made in Kastoria.

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