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Ego Furs is a company of people who aim to create the best in fur. We love fur and put this love into making the best products possible. Every single person in the company is involved in making each fur garment. For years Ego has consistently produced excellent products and has a loyal fan base.


This dedication starts with the founder and CEO, George Salagiannis, who learned fur on the factory floor and opened his first business in New York in 1984. To seize the opportunity of the growing Eastern European market, in 1996 the company moved to Greece. Ego was then established to represent excellence in fur.






Ego was the first fur company to invest advertising in Eastern Europe and successful cooperation with celebrities helped make Ego the most recognizable fur label.

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Ego Group Responsibility
Ego Group believes in responsibility and supports the efforts of the IFTF and the continued high standards of care and welfare for fur animals. The IFTF promotes strict codes of practice that meet or exceed established and accepted standards for animal welfare, for wild and farmed fur.The fur trade does not trade in endangered species. The legitimate fur trade is a responsible industry. For more industry information you could visit We Are Fur the official page of the International Fur Federation.

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Ego is an Origin Assured Manufacturer and Wholesaler.
The Origin Assured programme is a demonstration of the fur industry’s commitment to these same principles.
Possibly the single most important initiative, ever to emerge from the fur industry, the programme gives assurance that the fur in a garment or fur product that bears an OA™ mark, originates from a country where national or local regulations or standards governing fur production are in force.


For more information you could visit the Origin Assured webpage.

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