The luxury of being Ego

Wearing fur demands more from a woman than any other fabric. Her ego is synonymous with the privilage of wearing fur. That, is the luxury of being Ego.  

Crafted to perfection

Fur is the most precious fabric in the world. Our skilled craftsmen work meticulously to create fur products that women can easily wear and enjoy.

Protect yourself from counterfeit Ego garments

Like many world-leading brands, success has led to our products and label being copied by counterfeiters. Unfortunately, we’re often asked if a counterfeit garment is real, or hear a story about someone who accidentally purchased a counterfeit ego garment.

Security Hologram

All Ego garments bear a security hologram inside on the left, next to the care instructions label.
The hologram is destroyed the moment it is removed.
This is the most reliable way to check that your garment is genuine.


the Luxury of Being Ego Stamp

An additional way to ascertain that a garment is genuine is by locating the stamp “EGO The Luxury of Being Ego”
This can be found below the lining, on the back of the coat.

Hand-Sewn Ribbon

A hand-sewn ribbon with our logo has recently been added to help confirm authenticity.
By viewing your fur garment below the lining you can easily see the ribbon with our brand name printed every five centimeters.
These garments are made in Asia illegally and in factories with sub standard working conditions.
The fur material used to make these garments comes from animals that may have been treated unethically. The animal species used to make counterfeit garments is also questionable; from household pets to endangered species, these vendors are not trustworthy.
Dressing of the fur materials take place in factories with questionable policies. Chemicals used in the EU are held to standards that are friendly to the environment and to human health.
Chemicals used in factories of counterfeit garments are known to cause adverse side effects to consumers wearing them. Rashes are known to form around the neck and wherever else the fur has constant contact. The odor of these chemicals may be suppressed in short-term but after a few months in storage or in your closet they can become quite bothersome.

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